Those Old Days

Category: Lyric Room

Do you remember days when we were young?
Do you remember times spent in the sun?
I remember what it was l like to fall in love
I remember what it meant to have my life in my hands, yeah
My Fate was mine; I never thought that youth becomes so worn with time
But now I know who I am it ain’t so much fun anymore, yeah

Our place is what we make it to be
A precious thing for us to be
Surrounded by the things that lift our hearts
Surrounded by the things that make me wonder
About the things that I hold sacred
The memories that I know make me, yeah

It’s so uncomplicated when you’re young

Oh why did all the good things go?
Why do we grow old?
I’m left with impression of things that don’t last
My first kiss faded with love in the past

What does it mean to be young?
Just hold that feeling in your heart now
‘Cause I know the burden that comes with age
Wisdom is the steel which keeps us caged

I remember days spent in a smile
I remember days spent in a quarter of a mile
I don’t know who I was back then
But now I know who I am

But aII I know is now I have the burden of faith
Don’t have the freedom to keep on turning the page
So keep it in your hands kid, it’s all so good
To be young again, to be young again