The End Of The World

Category: Lyric Room

People running everywhere,
Don’t have time to stop and stare

All I do is think of you…

All these people, save yourself
Because my thoughts are someone else

I need to find you….

The skies turn dark with thunderclouds,
Lightning strikes, there’s deafening sound
Still I can’t find you

People cry, the end of life
An end to pain, an end to strife
And I can only think of you

It’s the end of the world
There’s no kind of heaven
Oh God forgive me for my sins,
All I did was love her

I know my love is at an end
You judge, alone I must defend
What’s a man to do?
I know you asked us to be strong
But love; it blurs the right from wrong
I need to be with you

Plagues of locusts, bridges of thorns
I was destined for sin the day I was born
I miss you

I see the sky turn black with smoke
All is lost, but not my hope
The angels are calling my name now.

The things God gives, He takes away,
We’re guided only by what we say,
I love you

The pages reveal what lies within
But all I know, my greatest sin
Was to lose you

It’s the end of the world
And I have nothing left now,
Only my deeds, only my actions
Are taken because it’s the end of the world,
I’m ready, God, for you to judge me now
Because all I did was love her
Only God forgives me for my sins