Dust Off

Category: Lyric Room

I see you walk away
And I don’t give a damn
You don’t know what it takes to make a man

I see you walk away
I think you’re just afraid
You think this life is something all of us can throw away

I face you, and I see you shun truth
What’s morality but a simple code of fools

Who gives a damn about us?
Who thinks of history?
It’s just another stitch in our final tapestry

We gotta get up, dust ourselves off
We gotta get up and never can stop
Who knows when the reapers coming for me?

We gotta get up never can stop
We gotta get up and dust ourselves off
Who knows when the angels coming for me?

I don’t know when you’re coming
I never say goodbye
When the devil comes for me, I’ll be sure to look him in the eye

Don’t ever turn around,
I don’t have time for you
You spend your life in a glut of plain untruths

You think that you know me
You think you know who I am
You don’t know what it takes to make a man

I loved you but now I hate you
I don’t know, who knows what lies we tell today?

I see the future and it’s just pain and suffering
Now I reap the fruits of my greater sin