I began writing songs in earnest a year or so ago. Music has always been a part of my life. I bought a guitar, a pair of decks, amassed a large library of music but it was never anything more than flirtation. Instead, I opted to do what many people have done: find a career niche for myself and focus on that. Only problem was that a couple of years ago I realised that as well as I have done, having a job is just a means to an end, not the end in itself. So I took some time out to do things that I enjoy – one of those things being to learn to play guitar. After taking some lessons, I realised how much i loved just picking it up and randomly strumming and from there, via a 1 hour music production tutorial, I downloaded a DAW on my laptop and started recording.

The songs on my first album (Entitled ‘NOTES”) flowed quickly. I have ideas and feelings that release themselves through my music. Things in the world which sit uneasily with me such as the war on terror or the growing divide between rich and poor. But it isn’t just politics that drives my music. There are also tremendously personal feelings which needed airing. My songs allow me to do that. Notes was recorded at home, on my laptop with one mic, an audio interface and plenty of heart. When it was done I was happy with the songs and started looking into how to get them out there.

That’s when the journey really took a life of its own. Listening to other indie artists made me realise how important production value is, perhaps even more than the songs themselves. So I looked to get them mastered. On top of that, I wanted Notes to be more than just music. After all it was more or less my soul being borne out. I enlisted the help of some very talented friends and the result was an album with accompanying artwork that really got my message across. Except something was missing. The music just wasn’t as polished as it could be and so I continued to work on it, enlisting the help of a producer.

A year or so later, I have a single out, a video and the album is very close to completion. Now its almost done I can say I’m happy with it and as long as I have support and appetite for my music, I will continue to release more albums and get my music and message out there.